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About (MUA) Cyntina Marie

H O W  I  B E C A M E  A N D  A M  S T I L L  B E C O M I N G

Hi, my name is Cyntina Marie. Thank you all so much for showing interest in my work. Makeup isn’t just a career for me it's my passion. At 16, I'd simply to my makeup because I wanted to be slayed when I'd go out with my friends. From doing simple looks on my living room floor to trying my strategic and detailed looks, my love for doing makeup continued to grow drastically. I then began researching color theory, skin, and special effects makeup. Makeup quickly became a form of expression and I wondered if this could be a profession, as a strong fire. My desire to take on being a full-time MUA made me frustrated with my day job as a customer service representative. I started applying at makeup counters, department stores even spas but with no luck, I chose to freelance my skills part-time. I must admit, I had no luck in having clientele juggling my day job and being an MUA. I started taking on free faces with the extra time I had to further my experience. I knew I'd have to make a tough decision to leave my day job for good someday if I wanted to master being an MUA full time and grow my clientele. I began slowly cutting back hours to leave early to take appointments. Unexpectedly, blessings began pouring in; I eventually got those interviews calls from those ventures I'd applied to early on such as the spas, Sephora, and Mac to name a few. I took on a few of them but eventually, my inconsistency showed and frowned faces and causing us to part ways. With no interviews in queue, and a very slowly growing clientele I knew I needed to get a part-time job at the least to support me and my dream. Thankfully, I landed an awesome part-time job as a poker server at the Hard Rock Casino. This job provided with me more free time, and an environment that was filled with possible opportunities. As my clientele began growing more, I landed a gig with a well-known business named, GPExclusives that put me at the forefront of unlimited opportunities. This venture allowed me to work with celebrities like Trey Songs, Chris Brown Gucci Mane, and Latin artists. I was featured on MTV the Cartel Crew for Monroe’s liquid lip line. Before I knew it I was being booked for birthdays, photoshoots, maternity ext. the demand grew so high I could no longer sustain working part-time as a poker waitress. I resigned on Jan 1, 2020, and my life becoming a full-time MUA changed FOREVER.